Puppy Questionaire

 Tim Hiltz & Sabrina Griebel
Andover, MN 55304

Tim's cell 763-464-6178
Sabrina's Cell 763-486-6176
Email: bluecollarsaints@msn.com

Thank you for your interest in our St. Bernard’s. In order for us to be assured that the puppy you will be purchasing will be best suited to your home and lifestyle will you please take a few minutes to print out and complete this questionnaire and return it to us via email. If we feel you will make a great home for our puppy a  deposit of $400.00 to hold the puppy for you. Which is refundable if we don’t have a puppy for you. Make your check payable to: Tim S. Hiltz

Buyers Contact Information:

NAME (S) :____________________________________________________________________


HOME PHONE:_____________________________ CELL PHONE:________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS(ES):_____________________________________OR___________________________________

How did you hear about us?_______________________________________________________________________________

Do you have children? _____Yes _____No If so how many?____ Ages?


Is anyone in your family allergic to animals? _____Yes _____No; if so

Have you ever purchased a dog from us before? ____Yes _____No; if so when?

Do you own any other pets at this time? _____Yes _____No; if so please list below:


         YES_________     NO___________  
        YES_________     NO___________  
        YES_________     NO___________  
        YES_________     NO___________  

Where do you live? ___House ___Townhouse/condo ___Apartment___Other________

Do you own or rent your home? _____Own _____Rent, if so does your Landlord allow

pets? ____Yes ____No Landlords name:___________________________________

Phone #_____________________________________________________________

Do you have a fenced yard? ____Yes ____No.  If fenced describe the height and type of

Where will your dog be kept during the day?__________________________________

Where will your dog be kept during the night?_________________________________

When you are at work or out for the day where will your dog be kept?____________________________________________________________________

Will your dog be allowed in the house?______________________________________

Do you believe in crate training your dog? _____Yes _____No, why not?____________


On average how long will your dog be home alone during the day?_________________

Do you prefer a _____Male _____Female _____No preference Why?


Do you prefer a _____Longhair _____Shorthair _____No preference

Why do you want a St. Bernard?_____________________________________________________________________

Are all members of your household interested in getting a St. Bernard?_____________________________________________________________________

St. Bernard's are very people oriented dogs and require a lot of attention. Do you have enough
time to care for a St. Bernard properly? ______________________________________________________________________

Who will be the primary care giver for your new puppy/dog?______________________________________________________________________

Have you ever owned a St. Bernard or giant breed dog before? _____Yes _____No

Do you realize that St. Bernards often weigh close to 100 lbs by 6 months of age, shed profusely
twice a year, often drool or slobber and are prone to orthopedic problems?


Do you have a veterinarian who is well versed with the giant breeds and their health issues?
 _____Yes _____No

Please list your current Veterinarian, clinic, address and phone number:



Are you aware that because of their size veterinarian care for a St. Bernard may run between
$600 and $1200 per year for just normal care (Shots, heartworm preventative etc)?


Have you ever had to put a dog to sleep?______ 


How did your last dog die, and at what age?________________________________________________________________________

What are your goals for this dog? ____Companion _____Show _____Breeding

______Gift ____Other, explain


What qualities do you want to see in your Saint?


What qualities don’t you want to see?


Have you ever taken a dog through obedience school?____________


Will you be taking this dog through obedience school?_____



  • That you will not re-home or re-sell this dog at any time without first offering us, the breeders, the
    chance to take this dog back. Initial_____
  • That, if this dog is sold on a non-breeding contract, you will spay or neuter this animal by the age
    of 18 months or later and furnish us with proof of this operation or ownership of this dog will revert back to us,the breeders. Initial_____
  • All dogs sold on a non-breeding contract will come with a “Limited registration”. Which means that
    they can be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and show in the preformance events,
    but any puppies that would be produced by this animal could not be registered. Initial____
  • That the only way to negate a non-breeding contract would be to bring the dog back to us to be
    re-evaluated and/or to obtain championship points on this dog. Initial____
  • That you would be willing to do at least one basic obedience class (8 wks) with this dog. Initial_____

Yes, I would be willing to sign such a contract______ No I would not sign such a contract______,

Why not?________________________________________________________________________


We love our dogs and want to find good home for them. The information you provide lets us know what your expectations are and will assist us in placing the right puppy in his/her forever home with you.

I/We certify that all of the information to be contained in this application to purchase a puppy from Blue Collar St. Bernard's to be true to the best of my/our ability.

Buyers Signature:________________________________________________________Date:___________________

Co-Buyers Signature:________________________________________________________Date:___________________